Play with Purpose

Today the children had balls of colored yarn. They transformed the play yard into a giant web.
Crawling, stepping and weaving through is great for the physical body. The nervous systems proprioception kicks on strengthening spatial awareness by telling the body where it is in space, muscles are engaged and senses are stimulated. There is ample opportunity for independent and cooperative problem solving. Open ended play such as this allows for both spontaneous design and planed ideas to manifest making it easy for mixed ages to play together. Skill sets of critical thinking like problem solving, spatial awareness and planing are foundational to math and science. Cooperation, mental flexibility, and connecting with others are life skills that are foundational to relationships. Physical strength and agility are foundational for good health and healthy risk taking is important for brain development.
Bright colors and uninterrupted expressions lend themselves to beauty and art. One might look into this play yard and think we were only having fun, but a closer look reveals the nurturing of a whole child