No Mud No Lotus

Community is a very romantic idea. When we think about community we usually envision groups of people collaborating and enjoying one another’s company. The truth is that those are mere moments, segments or parts of the totality of community.
Community is also like mud, messy, unclear, sloppy, weighted and abrasive. It comes with opposing views, variances of strengths and weaknesses, sometimes it’s crowded, it’s often uncomfortable and frustrating. 
As humans who are wired for connection community is fertile ground for growth. If we can learn to engage intelligently with the discomforts and continue to engage by seeing the struggles through to resolution we can and do grow our wisdoms and capacities. 
Coming together often, especially in times of hardship or when we would rather just give up and walk away is the nutrition that feeds the lotus, it’s those moments when the mud is just too thick to wade through any more that the bloom begins to emerge. Community is more than important, it’s vital  to our ability to thrive.