There is a consensus amongst the neuroscience community that humans are hard wired for connection. As adults we have acquired many skills to fill this need. Children under age 7 need our help learning those skills. As children begin to play, discover and work side by side it doesn't take long for their curiosity to expand beyond their area. They may begin negotiating with peers, planning to combine their efforts or simply reach out and snatch what the person next to them has.This is where the care givers opportunity lies. When someone grabs or starts a tug of war it is easy to identify the surface need of getting the object of desire and challenging to remember the underlying need for connection. Helping a child find their way back to playing either with their peers or on their own requires our attention and connection. Consistently getting on their level, making eye contact and using purposeful language not only helps them see the situation through to completion but also builds their life skill of connection. This is how we build and sustain friendships and community.